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We, mail.de GmbH, are an email provider which stands for innovative, professional, and secure communication.

We provide a new email service that acts as the centre of your online communications and also offers the benefits of a professional, neutral email address. Our team of qualified IT specialists follows all current technological trends and successfully applies these to implement new product features. This means that you, the user, benefit from constant development of our email service and can be assured that you will also use an up-to-date, unique service in the future.

The following is a brief overview of the most important milestones in our company history:

May 2006
The foundation was laid for our vision with the acquisition of the "mail.de" internet domain.

April 2009 - foundation!
The foundation of mail.de GmbH meant that the legal framework for starting the development phase was now in place. The team was created, office space was rented, hardware acquired, the hard work commenced and ... the mail.de project was up and running!

Summer 2011 - mail.de goes live!
After a two-year development period we were able to offer our customers in Germany a modern, contemporary, innovative email service that satisfies the demands of the users of today. The use of state-of-the-art Internet technologies enables the user to to give structure to the ever-increasing influx of incoming emails via intuitive user interfaces whilst also offering exceptional security at the same time. Initially, registration was only possible in conjunction with our ad-free Premium packages.

2012 - security and privacy for everyone!
Our range was expanded with the addition of the free FreeMail package. We have quickly established ourselves as a provider of free email addresses within Germany. FreeMail is a product that combines our stringent requirements regarding quality and security with the wishes of many users for a free email address. The exceptional level of security provided by our email service was confirmed with several victories in tests over the following years.

2013 - the summer when Snowden woke up the Internet!
The whistle-blower affair featuring Edward Snowden, along with the NSA scandal that it triggered, meant that all email providers based in Germany experienced phenomenal popularity. Including us! Internet users became aware of the need for privacy and data protection, and by now learned to appreciate our core competences in the areas of security, encryption, and data protection. Clearly, this was also aided by the fact that due to the location of our headquarters and also our high-security data centre, we were subject to Germany's rigorous and highly regarded data protection legislation.

2014 - or the year we became mobile.
Completion of our iOS and Android apps for smartphones and tablets means we can make the entire world of mail.de available to our customers anywhere, at any time.

2015 - mail.de rocks the world!
It was our honour to be chosen to carry out the unique fan mail project on the www.acdc.com band website for the world-famous rock band AC/DC. AC/DC fans throughout the world were able to register their own email address "wantname@acdc.com" and become part of the AC/DC family.

2016 - Europe, here we come!
Acquisition of the mail.ch, mail.fr, mail.uk, & mail.co.uk domains meant that the foundation was laid for expansion of our service into neighbouring Switzerland, France, and the UK. The main phase of implementation was now taking place.

May 2017 - Hello Switzerland!
Our service was launched in Switzerland with the https://mail.ch domain.

Forecast for 2017 - launching the service in France and the UK

Your mail.co.uk team

Our awards

Winner in an environmental test! "Those who open an email account with mail.de save a great deal of energy and do the most for the environment!"
(zeo2 editorial staff) more

A test of Germany's five largest email providers in the specialist publication "Computer - das Magazin für die Praxis" "mail.de has a good package combining plenty of features and useful security functions. The view of the editorial staff is: make the switch!"
(Editorial staff) more

"In the test, mail.de's wide range of features and well-conceived integration of online storage makes it a sound choice." More

"mail.de was thoroughly convincing in our test and this is reflected in the excellent test result. Security and data protection for the user are top priority!"
(Editorial staff) more

"Power Mail from mail.de provides a high-quality email package with extensive features able to meet even the highest of demands. Security and professionalism are important, as is the helpful support team that is on hand to provide a very customer-focused experience!"
(Jenny Gebel - Editor) more

"mail.de is the most secure free email provider by some distance - it's slowly becoming the case that convenience and security can be successfully combined!"
(Bianca Wellbrock - Editor) more

Our management team

Fabian Bock

Chief Executive Officer

Fabian Bock is the founder and managing director of mail.de GmbH. He began his career in 1998 as a key account manager with Talkline, a telecommunications company based in Elmshorn. The manager founded his first Internet company in 2002, then successfully sold it in 2003 to a listed company, for which he later set up the private customer division. This is a division with an annual turnover of €14m. He has been working freelance since 2007 and has been successfully managing an Internet company from that date onwards. He has a long record of proven success, and continues to show leadership by pushing mail.de GmbH onward.

Norman Anderson

Chief Technical Officer

Norman Anderson, the technical manager of mail.de GmbH, can look back on twenty years of experience in software development and quality assurance of Internet services. The business information specialist was active with Lycos-Europe for a long time, where he was responsible for various projects in areas including email, data warehousing, content management, and portal architectures.

Michael Kliewe

Chief Security Officer

Michael Kliewe takes care of the particularly high security level and keeps the hardware and software up to date. He always follows the current development of security features.
After his training as an IT specialist at Bertelsmann in Gütersloh and a subsequent study of computer science in Paderborn, Michael Kliewe is responsible for architecture, system integration and programming at mail.de. He blogs about his experiences as a programmer, speaks at conferences and writes articles in professional journals. His interest and expertise are mainly in the area of performance, scaling and security.

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