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Basic Mail
  • 2 GB Space for email and online storage
  • 4 GB / Month Transfer volume (traffic)
  • 60 MB Large attachments (receipt & dispatch)
  • Convenient app usage (iPhone/Android)
  • Individual email signature
  • Incoming/outgoing SPAM recognition
  • Access emails via IMAP & POP3

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Space for email and online storage
Transfer volume (traffic)
Maximum size of attachment (receiving & sending)
Convenient app usage (iPhone/Android)
Individual email signature (Amount)
Incoming/outgoing SPAM recognition
Access emails via IMAP & POP3
Ad-free email mailbox / no newsletter**
Email backup service (included)
HTML signature with image/logo
Contractual term
Without 12 Months
Free Mail
0,00GBP / Month
2 GB
4 GB / Month
60 MB
Plus Mail
1,00GBP / Month*
5 GB
10 GB / Month
100 MB
*All prices include current VAT.
**The is part of the FreeMail-package and cannot be cancelled.

Contractual conditions
our products

Contractual term
Notice period
Type of payment
Contractual term
Without 12 Months
Basic Mail
0,00GBP / Month
30 Days
Free Mail
0,00GBP / Month
Plus Mail
1,00GBP / Month*
12 MonthsWithout
1 Month at end of term14 Days at end of term
Total amount at beginning of termMonthly of the credit balance***
Paysafecard / PayPal (Express)
*All prices include current VAT.
***The credit balance can be increased at any time. The minimum credit balance that can be added is 6 GBP.

Further product features:


  • Design emails individually
  • Email search function
  • Email forwarding
  • Automatic out-of-office notification
  • Spellcheck function on emails
  • Send email to groups
  • Mailing lists
  • Direct view of email file attachments (images, video, audio, PDF)
  • Server-side filter rules

Account security

  • Extended SSL certificate
  • High-security data centre for your data
  • U2F (2-factor authentication via USB stick)
  • User-defined login name (differs from email address)
  • Secure login (SSL / HTTPS)
  • Secure webmail session (SSL / HTTPS)
  • Spam and virus protection for incoming and outgoing emails
  • SSL / TLS encryption via POP3 / IMAP
  • SSL / TLS encryption via SMTP

Online storage

  • Supported file formats:
    Excel, Word, Powerpoint, PDF, Images, Music, Video
  • Editing Excel, Word & PowerPoint files
  • External access (network drive) via WebDAV
  • File-sharing: Share files with others
  • Send files via email
  • Save email attachments

Server security

  • DANE (worldwide standard for transport encryption)
  • DNSSEC (worldwide standard for authentication of domain entries)
  • PGP incoming encryption for incoming emails
  • S/MIME incoming encryption for incoming emails
  • OPENPGPKEY support (publication of PGP public keys)
  • SMIMEA support (publication of S/MIME public keys)

Contact management

  • Address book with worldwide access
  • Address import (Google Mail, XING, Outlook etc.)
  • Address export (CSV, vCard)
  • Adding new contacts via drag & drop
  • External access via CardDAV

Intuitive user interface

  • Drag & drop usability
  • ToolBox: Quick access (contacts & files)
  • Personalisation of homepage
  • Virtual notepad
  • Current news via RSS feed

Schedule management

  • Calendar & organiser with email reminders
  • Drag & drop usability
  • External access via CalDAV

SMS messages

  • After account has been loaded
  • SMS - sender number
  • Delay sending of SMS
High level of security
TLS Secured All websites are TLS-encrypted.
All protocols are available encrypted.
Verified data protection

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